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Bồn bảo ôn chịu áp Inox

Bồn bảo ôn chịu áp Inox dung tích 0.5m3-20m3 Bồn bảo ôn chịu áp inox dung tích 0.5m3-20m3 được sử dụng khá phổ biến hiện nay. Ứng dụng lắp đặt cho hệ thống nước nóng máy bơm nhiệt heat pump , Thái Dương năng . Bình có dung tích lớn, đáp ứng tốt nhu cầu […]

Enerblue Heat Pump

Enerblue Heat Pump Enerblue was founded in 2007 in the highly specialized, technologically advanced eastern Veneto area: a young, dynamic company, it was founded on a desire to make the most of the outstanding heating and air conditioning know-how within this industrial district. Mission & Vision Global warming and the progressive need to reduce CO2 […]

GALLETTI heat pump

GALLETTI Heat Pump Made in Italy Via L. Romagnoli 12/a 40010 – Bentivoglio (BO) ITALY Outdoor monobloc Galletti air-water heat pump  units VLE is Galletti’s heat pump a  new range of air-cooled monobloc chillers and heat pumps for outdoor installation  featuring R454B refrigerant.‎ R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, […]
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